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This is a collection of some fantastic folks and trips that use Forty Below overboots and gear.

40 Below Aconcagua Kit D.

Kit DesLauriers skis from the summit of Aconcagua, one of the seven ski descents on her achieving her goal of the being the first person to ski all Seven Summits, accomplished October 2006!  Photo by W. Benegas.


40 Below first Canadian Everest

First Canadian Everest Summit Special Edition magazine.



40 Below LS Canadian Everest

Laurie Skreslet used the Forty Below Mt. Everest overboot on his successful first Canadian ascent of Everest!


40 Below Everest 1987
1987 North Face of Everest expedition, wearing Forty Below overboots.


40 Below Allied ad

Forty Below Everest overboots in Allied Fibers advertisement.


40 Below Dick Bass

Signed copy of the from Dick Bass of the MountainFest gathering at Mt. Rainier in 1994.
"To Bill Lokey-Best regards and thanks for warm feet!"  Dick Bass


40 Below K2 Heidi Howkins

Heidi Howkins on K2 with Forty Below K2 Superlight overboots!


40 Below Adrian Burgess K2

Adrian Burgess on K2 with Forty Below overboots.


40 Below overboots with crampon view

Happy Toes of Mark Reny on Denali with Foraker in the background.


40 Below Norm V in Antarctica

Norm Vaughan (89years old) on the final steps to the summit on Vaughan Peak in Antarctica.  He is wearing Forty Below Purple Haze overboots.  Photo by Gordon Wiltsie.  


40 Below Stacey Alison 1st American Everest woman to summit

Summit Magazine cover of Stacey Alison, first US Woman to summit Mt. Everest.
She is wearing Forty Below Everest overboots.


40 Below Dhaligahri Rick Taylor 1994

Rick Taylor on summit of Dhaligahri 1994 with Forty Below K2 Superlight overboots.


40 Below Denali 2000 Team Brewer

Jon Brewer Party on Denali 2000


40 Below Queen Maude Land Antarctica

Picture of the Rock Knife Queen Maud Land Antarctica
Photo by Gordon Wiltsie


40 Below Doug Gurr Greenland

Doug Gurr party in Greenland doing first ascent peaks.


40 Below Marty Schmidt Cho Oyu

Mountain Guide Marty Schmidt with Purple Haze overboot on Cho Oyu.


40 Below Marty Schmidt Cho Oyu skis

Marty Schmidt on Cho Oyu with ski gear, and Forty Below overboots.


40 Below Jason Edwards Everest

Jason Edwards, IMG Mountain Guide on Everest


40 Below Roskelley Everest

Father and Son team John and Jess Roskelley on the summit of Mt. Everest!
Wearing Forty Below K2 Superlight overboots, on top of Asolo 8000 plastic boots.


40 Below Mt. Russell Team Perdue

Mt. Russell Meg Purdue Party...Beautiful Alaska!


40 Below Everest Reneker

Steve Reneker on Everest 1995 with Forty Below Purple Haze overboots.


40 Below Island Peak Mike Salomon

Mike Salomon with Happy Toes on Island Peak wearing Forty Below Purple Haze overboots.


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Here are some selected postcards we have received from over the years, all around the world!


Annapurna 1 South Face Expedition 1998

40 Below postcard Cho Oyu


40 Below postcard Everest 1995


40 Below postcard Everest AH


40 Below postcard Everest NF


40 Below postcard Hawaii


40 Below postcard Island Peak


40 Below postcard K2


40 Below postcard Makalu


40 Below postcard New Zealand


40 Below postcard Top of the world


40 Below postcard towers


40 Below postcard K2 AH






40 Below postcard blue mountain



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Mt. Vaughan Antarctic Expedition 1996

We were honored when we got the call from Norman Vaughan in 1996 to help him out with overboots for his historic climb of Mount Vaughan in Antarctica.  Norman was part of the historic Admiral Richard E. Byrd expeditions to Antarctica in 1929.  This peak was named for him, and at 89 years old he successfully summited it with his wife Carolyn and a dedicated group of support climbers.  Here are a few pictures and memorabilia from this incredible mountaineering milestone.

Signed card from Norman

Cards of Norman and wife Carolyn

On the back of signed card, he included the message that he composed and read at the top of Mount Vaughan, Antarctica on December 16, 1996:

It reads:

"By climbing this mountain for my 89th birthday I dared to fail and met success.  I have fulfilled a 65 year old dream.

I am grateful to the people who have put me here.  I never could have gotten here without Carolyn my wife, especially, who I am proud to say is standing beside me here now celebrating this moment.  To my sponsors, to Vern Tejas and the Mount Vaughan Antarctic team here and at home, to all the volunteers and supporters, to friends world-wide, and most importantly to my family.

I am now ready for my next challenge.

A message I wish to bring to everyone is to dream big and "dare to fail".

This climb has been in tribute to Admiral Richard E. Byrd, Dr. Laurence McKinley Gould, and to my two good friends Edward E. Goodale and Freddy Crockett who drove dogs with me here in the Antarctic.  Standing here on top of Mount Vaughan we can see Mount Goodale to the north and Mount Crockett to the south.  In 1929 we saw these mountains and glaciers for the first time.

This climb is also in tribute to the tenacious spirit of the Antarctic sled dogs who never gave up.  They have been my inspiration.  Our dogs couldn't come this year.  But Zippy is here to pay tribute to the end of the era of the sled dog in the Antarctic as set forth in the new protocol of the Antarctic treaty.  Zippy (our stuffed toy husky) also commemorates the four dogs who wandered off after the crash of our DC6 lat year-Sticker, Magoo, Pudge, and Pandy.

I will miss the dogs of the Antarctic.  Good-bye you wonderful huskies.  May your memory live forever in our hearts.  You always did what was asked of you no matter how tough it was and often sacrificed your lives for man's quest at the bottom of the world.  I salute you an I toast a new era of world-wide scientific cooperation for the next 50 years here in the Antarctic.  May it always stay pristine and become the "World's Greatest Park"  "  Signed:  Norman Vaughan.


Forty Below Purple Haze overboots. Photo by Gordon Wiltsie

On the ascent!  Photo by Gordon Wiltsie

Horizon of Antarctica Photo by Gordon Wiltsie

Norman Vaughan on summit of Mount Vaughan
Photo by Gordon Wiltsie




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Pictures from the first Outdoor Retailer Trade Winter On-snow Demo Day Winter Camp

In 1996 Forty Below developed and co-sponsored with the Sherpa Snowshoe Company a "model winter camp" set up for testers from the Outdoor Retailer Trade Show during the "On Snow Demo Days"  to be able to walk out to and see a real winter camp in action!  We made, stayed in, and maintained all of the typical winter camp features including an igloo, snowcaves, tent, and cooking pyramid shelter.  It was a lot of fun!

This turned out to be quite a hit with a large amount of testers being taken on the tour, and numerous people being able to see and go inside a real igloo for the first time!   Forty Below Founder, Bill Lokey, and Joel Attaway and Chris Perry were the Forty Below team, and coordinated and built the winter camp.  Bill Prater, founder of Sherpa Snowshoe company, and Ken Kutac, tester and "snow shelter builder extraordinaire" lead tours of snowshoe testers to the camp.  The event was held at Donner Pass, CA. 

Here are a few pictures from this fun event!
Click on a picture to enlarge it, a text box will appear below it. Scroll over the image to bring up the left and right buttons to enable moving through the series.

1st Outdoor Retailer Winter Camp


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