The 40 Below Cold Weather Bottle™ in the 1500 ml (1.5 liter) size.  A favorite for winter trips, high altitude, and extreme cold expeditions for several decades. Fits perfectly in the insulated Forty Below® Bottle Boot™ 1500 ml size (1.5 liter).

Please see below for additional information and specifications.


The 40 Below Cold Weather Water Bottles™ are THE best water bottle for extreme cold environments.  Preferred by experienced cold weather climbers (and even required by some guides).  The lid has large ribs on the outside so it is easy to open with mittens or gloves the cold.   Because of the slightly flexible PE material and design of the lid, they don’t have the tendency to crack in the cold as others do.

These bottles also weigh less than many other expedition grade bottles.  The bottles can handle warm/hot liquids from melting snow to water.

This size is very space efficient for packing, as it is only slightly taller and wider than the 1 Liter, so it is a functional way to carry more water in only a slightly larger bottle.

They fit perfectly in the insulated  Forty Below® 1500ml size Water Bottle Boots™!

Here is a picture of the lid:

Large ribs on the sides allow for good grip to open.

Available in 4 sizes:

40 Below water bottles 4 sizes

500ml (.5L)/(160z./pint)
1000ml (1 Liter/1 quart)
1500ml (1.5 Liter/1.5 quart)
2000ml ( 2 liter/2 quart)

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Cold Weather Expedition Water Bottle in use:

The 40 Below Cold Weather Bottle™  water bottle specifications:

SIZE: 1500ml (1.5 Liter)  (approx 1.5qt/50 fl.oz.) Fits only the 40 Below Cold Weather bottle

MEASUREMENTS:  Diameter: 4 1/4″ (108mm)  Height: 9″ (230mm)

WEIGHT: 6.2 oz. (174g)

COLOR: Transparent/Clear


Made in Germany

Copyright 2021

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