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The 40 Below Vest™ for reducing moisture between you and your backpack.

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UPDATE: May 2021: We are making good progress on the new vest!  Please check back in June if you are interested in purchasing one in the Demo Program. Details coming soon.

December 2020: This product is currently out of stock and being re-designed to make it lighter in weight, less insulated, and more dynamic of a tool for moisture management.   Please contact us if you are interested, as we have some demo models available for testing.

A truly revolutionary clothing piece!  The Forty Below® 40 Below Vest is great for folks who sweat a lot and are trying to reduce moisture buildup in the insulating layers between your back and the backpack.  Designed as a “zone vapor barrier” to keep perspiration moisture from accumulating in the layers of clothing between you and your pack. 

Ever take your pack off to find an excess amount of water in your back insulation, only to quickly turn to ice?  This vest will help eliminate most of this problem.  Wear The Forty Below® Vest™ on top of a synthetic underwear layer and then layer your insulation on top.

The Forty Below® Vest is best suited for long trips in extreme cold conditions.  When you are done with your activity, you can take off the vest and freeze-dry the perspiration off the inside back.  Moisture that will be in your base layer is much easier to dry than to try and get it out of a thick fleece or insulated jacket.  Use this vest also as a sit pad or extra insulation under your torso while sleeping.  We also use it for watersports activities, as it is a great way to add insulation under a PFD.  The back is a thin neoprene foam that is rubber on the back side, and nylon on the inside.

The front of the Forty Below® Vest™ is made of a medium weight synthetic fleece material that is warm yet allows moisture to wick well and dry fast.  Two front pockets, a heavy duty zipper, shorter cut in the front to help keep out of the way of hip belts and climbing harnesses, longer cut in the back to help insulate the lower back.

“…anyone who has carried a pack and sweated and soaked their insulation, which then froze or didn’t dry should realize what an advantage this radical product could be in your climbing wardrobe.  I give it a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10” Marc Twight  Rock and Ice Magazine Product Review, February 1993

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Insulative zone vapor barrier vest, helpful for people who sweat a lot.

Neoprene closed cell foam back panel, helps keep moisture from getting into clothing between you and your pack.  Back of the neoprene is rubber on surface to shed snow if used as a sit pad or under sleeping bag for added insulation.  Inside of neoprene is nylon on surface for comfort.

Breathable polyester fleece front panel, for insulation and breathability.

Zipper heavy duty.

Longer cut in the back to help insulate kidney area.

Shorter cut in the front to help stay out of the way of hipbelts and harness.

Color: Black

Sizes: S, M, L, XL ,XXL.

Weight: 22 oz. size Medium.

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