All About Camp Booties

Forty Below makes Camp Booties!

We make insulated camp booties, which are wonderful to change into after a long day wearing boots on the mountain, or even just at home or the cabin!

40 Below Camp Booties, made with DURABLE synthetic continuous filament polyester insulation, which goes completely around and under your foot. Showing from left to right: Thin rubber dot sole fabric, removable closed cell insole, and lacing for as tight or loose as you would like for the application.


40 Below Camp Bootie 7 colors! 

For more detailed information and pictures of our camp booties and the accessories for them, please use this link to them in our website:


Check out this new review video of our camp booties from Polar Explorer Aaron Lindsau! He is a customer of ours and has used them on many expeditions and trips:




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