All About Overboots

Forty Below® makes insulated boot covers which are also called overboots.

For over 40 years now, we have specialized in developing and making many different models of insulated boot covers, often referred to as “overboots”, which have been trusted and used on the world’s highest and coldest places.

Our mission here at Forty Below is happy and warm feet!

All of our Forty Below® overboots and products are still made in North America, and use the very best materials available from around the world, with skilled hand-made craftsmanship.

Most of our overboots are designed and intended for wilderness use, primarily for mountain climbing, backcountry skiing and snowboarding, snowshoeing, and wilderness fat tire mountain bike, and multi-sport events and racing.  One of the key cornerstones of our products is that they are stretchy and easy to put on and take off. This is very helpful when it is cold or if you are at high altitude! They are also very easy to repair, and this is helpful as overboots get a lot of abuse from crampons, equipment, and terrain.

Forty Below Ltd. makes several different designs and models to fit a wide range of uses, including fitting the entire range of mountaineering boots available, Alpine Touring ski boots for backcountry skiing and ski-alpinism, Snowboard boots, Lightweight trail running and hiking boots for snowshoeing, and bicycle boots/shoes for fat tire mountain biking. We can also make custom boot covers on request.

Here is a link to our overboots main page:  Forty Below® overboots

Below is an outline of the various models of overboots Forty Below Ltd makes and the primary user group for that model:

Overboots for Mountaineering:

Forty Below® Purple Haze™ For use over double shelled mountaineering boot, single mountaineering boots, and Combi High Altitude Boots.

Forty Below® K2 Superlight™ For use over Double Shelled and Single mountaineering boots.

Forty Below® Penguins™ For use over Double shelled and Single mountaineering boots.


Overboots for AT backcountry skiing and snowboarding:

Forty Below® Fresh Tracks™ For use over Alpine Ski Touring, Snowboard, and Telemark boots.  They can also be used over Double Shelled mountaineering boots for folks who have both types of boots, but want to only carry one pair of overboots.


Overboots for snowshoeing:

Forty Below® Light Energy™ TR model For use over trail running and hiking boots for snowshoeing.

Forty Below® Light Energy™ Shorty model For use over trail running and hiking boots for snowshoeing.

Forty Below® Simple Slipper™ For adding an insulation layer to the Light Energy overboots.


Overboots for Fat Tire Mountain Biking Riding and Racing, and Arctic snowshoe/cross country ski/running Racing:

We make three models of Forty Below® brand insulated boot covers that have been used and trusted on a wide range of extreme cold races, such as the Arrowhead Ultra in Minnesota USA, ITI Iditarod in Alaska,The Alaska Wilderness Classic,  6633 Arctic Ultra in Canada, Rovaniemi 150 Arctic Winter Race in Finland, and  many others around the world!

Forty Below® K2 Superlight™

Forty Below® Light Energy™ TR

Forty Below® Light Energy™ Shorty

Forty Below® Simple Slipper™ (insulation layer)

Here is a set of links to other companies that produce some traction aid devices that have been used in races with the overboots:

Hillsound Flexsteps:

StabilGear Hike:


Supergaiters for bike and cross country ski boots:

Forty Below© Overflow™ Glue-on supergaiter For glueing on to fat tire mountain bike boot and cross country ski boots to add insulation and protection from river overflow.

Specialty Overboots for mountaineering:

Forty Below® Everest™ Exclusively for use with double shelled mountaineering boots, and only with strap-on style crampons and snowshoes. (Custom Made)

Please contact us for additional information about our overboots, and for assistance selection the right model for you! 

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