All About Bottle Covers

Forty Below, Ltd  makes insulated bottle covers!

Used on expeditions and adventures worldwide, our insulated bottle covers, which we call them our Trademark name “Bottle Boots™ , are one of the most important gear items for cold weather climbers and hikers.  They have been helping people keep their water from freezing in the world’s coldest and highest places since the 1970’s.

We call our insulated bottle covers a “Bottle Boot™” which is our Trademark name we have been using since we started making and selling them in 1980.  They are hand made by us in number of different sizes and shapes, and are designed to be easy to use, and effective at helping significantly slowing down liquids from freezing in a water bottle or even metal vacuum bottles, in extreme cold environments.  They also help keep liquids cool in hot climates too! 

We make 6 sizes of Bottle Boots™:

1 Liter: fits most 1 quart and 1 liter size water bottles such as the Nalgene 32oz. and the 1 Liter size Cold Weather Expedition German made bottles.  In addition, many other bottles such as Gatoraide, Poweraid, and other typical hiking style water bottles.

Bottle Boot colors 1 Liter

.5 Liter: fits the 16 ounce Nalgene, and the Cold Weather Expedition 500ml bottle.

24 oz.: fits the 24 ounce and 750ml Camelback, Nalgene, and other popular sport water bottles. This size also fits most stainless 16 oz. vacuum bottles.

1.5 Liter: specifically designed to fit the Cold Weather Expedition German made bottle in the 1500ml size.

48 oz: Fits the Nalgene brand tall 48oz. bottles, and many 1 qt/liter stainless vacuum bottles.

2 quart: Fits most 2 quart Thermos brand and other vacuum bottles.

 Click here for a link to the Forty Below® Bottle Boot™ main product page which shows all of the product pages for our insulated bottle holders, bottles, and related covers for bottles.


The design of the Bottle Boots™ is a capsule style insulated bottle cover, with complete coverage of the bottle in a 6.5mm neoprene closed cell foam insulation. The shape and materials make these insulated bottle covers easy to use and manipulate with mittens or gloves on!  The hook and loop front tab is slightly longer in the front with a unique fold over at the end to enable fingers to “grab the tab” and open and close efficiently.  In the back, there is a 2 inch wide webbing panel sewn on with a 3 inch gap to allow backpack hip-belts, pack side straps, and sternum straps through easily.

They are available in a wide range of colors, making it easy to identify different beverages, and to help make it easier to identify other peoples gear in group or expedition settings.

The Forty Below® Bottle Boots™ work in both cold and hot temperatures.  They insulate the bottle and contents, so they work at significantly slowing down the freezing process and the warming up process, so they work in both the winter and the summer!

Here is a great link about our Bottle Boots™ in use at the great gear information site  Click on the link to see the informative video, the segment on the Bottle Boot and the German water bottle start at about 6:30 into the video:

Key Features of the Forty Below® Bottle Boots™:
> Very insulated bottle cover and holder.
> Several sizes to fit almost all sizes of popular outdoor bottles.
> Helps keep liquids from freezing in extreme cold conditions.
> Helps Keep liquids cool in warm conditions.
> Low Profile Design.
> Closed Cell Neoprene foam insulation, won’t absorb moisture.
> No zippers to break or freeze.
> Webbing belt loop opening in back.
> Hook and Loop front closure, with “grab tab” for easy grip with mittens or gloves on.
> Used on expeditions and trips for over 40 years!
> Preferred and recommended by many individuals, guides, schools, and commercial use worldwide.






The product name “Bottle Boot™” and “Bottle Boots™” are OFFICIAL TRADEMARKS of Forty Below Ltd.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. The Bottle Boot™ has been named, designed, developed, manufactured, and sold commercially by Forty Below Ltd since 1980 worldwide.  All design, patterns, component design, construction, and trade dress of these products are property of Forty Below Ltd, Graham, WA USA.

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