Overboots and Camp Booties on Denali.

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By Colby Coombs, mountain guide and owner of Alaska Mountaineering School
Contact at:  www.climbalaska.org

Camp at 17,200’ on Denali Photo by Brian Okonek

“When climbing an arctic mountain like Denali, I use my 40 Below overboots from day one as a protective layer whenever I wear my 40 Below camp booties. They keep my booties dry and clean especially if I step in someone’s spilt spaghetti. I always wear my camp booties in my sleeping bag and know I can get up in the middle of the night, throw on my overboots, and face a raging blizzard without putting my boots on.”

“At 14,200′ and above, when I want to protect my feet from the cold while climbing, I make sure all the snow is out of the sole of my boot before putting my overboots on. When I want to switch to my camp booties with overboots, I put my climbing boot shells in a plastic bag to keep them free of snow”.

Colby Coombs in Alaska Range Photo by Brian Okonek

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