40 Below Logo T Shirt Short Sleeve. 100% Polyester performance fabric that wicks moisture, dries fast, and is anti-microbial. Packs small too!

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Forty Below® Brand 40 Below™ Icicle Logo T-Shirt Short Sleeve

This very comfortable, and high performance shirt is made with 100% Cationic Polyester!

It has these very desirable features:
Wicks Moisture
Fast Drying
Highly Breathable
Comfort Fit (not skin tight)-fits more like a regular t-shirt.

Long sleeve length is slightly longer than most other shirts for good coverage on the arm up to the wrist.

This shirt packs much smaller than a normal cotton t-shirt too! A size medium packs into a 5″ x 2.5″ roll!

The smooth fabric is comfortable in all temperatures, and is a very easy shirt to wear in all temperatures and weather conditions.  We have found it to be really nice to sleep in also, the smooth fabric has a nice feel inside a sleeping bag and does not generally restrict movement.

Fit is similar to a regular Hanes Brand Beefy-T shirt for sizing.

Would be a perfect base layer under the 40 Below ZVB Vest!

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40 Below Icicle Logo short sleeve t-shirt

100% Cationic Polyester fabric

Packs smaller than a cotton t-shirt!  Size Medium is approximately 4.5″ x 2″ roll!

Smooth silky feel fabric.

Dries fast!

Weight:  4.7 ounces (132g) Size Medium

Colors: Royal Blue, White, Red, Black, Camo-green.

Imported shirt, silkscreened in USA.

© 2021 Forty Below Ltd

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