A small 40 Below thermometer that you can attach to a zipper pull, keys, backpack, etc. Includes wind chill chart on back side.  -40F to 120F range.

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The 40 Below thermometer that is also a zipper pull for your jacket!  Works to -40 F/C (this is where the two different temperature scales meet also!)  These minus 40 thermometers may be small, but they work great!  There is a wind chill chart on the back.


40 Below thermometer

Range: -40F to 120F

Dimensions: 2 inch tall x 1 inch wide x 0.25 inch wide.

Wind chill chart on reverse side.

Strong construction, used on expeditions for many years.

Attach to a zipper pull of jacket, backpack, tent, etc.

Weight: 0.3 oz.

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