The Forty Below® Carboy Parka™ 5 Gallon size is a practical tool that helps carry, protect, and insulate carboys.

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The Forty Below® Carboy Parka™ 5 gallon size is a very practical tool that helps solve many needs when working with carboys.

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The 2 inch (50mm) wide “climbing harness style” webbing handles make carrying the heavy and cumbersome carboys easier.  The insulating properties of the stretchy nylon covered closed cell foam wetsuit type material insulation helps to stabilize and reduce temperature fluctuation, which has been helpful in all climates.

A full length side zipper makes the Forty Below® Carboy Parka™ easy to put on and inspect your special wine or beer.  Keeps light out too!

Easy to care for, hand or machine wash.

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Forty Below Carboy Parka in use:

The Forty Below® Carboy Parka™ 5 gallon size specifications:

This handy tool is a unique insulated carboy cover, that also helps make it safer and easier to carry and move around carboys, plus insulate and help keep light out.

Color: Blue.

Straps:  2 Inch (50mm) wide climbing harness style webbing

Material/insulation: Stretchy closed cell Neoprene foam / nylon covered.

3 sizes: 3 gallon,  5 gallon, and 6.5 gallon (fits most 6-7 gallon sizes).

Weight: 3 gal: 15oz, 5 gal: 1lb 1 oz.,  6.5 gal: 1lb 4 oz.

Made in USA!

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