The Forty Below® Fuel Bottle Boot™  1 liter size is an insulated cover for liquid fuel stove bottles and a wide range of beverage bottles.

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The Forty Below® Fuel Bottle Boot™ 32 oz. size is a handy neoprene cover for your metal fuel and beverage bottles.

Fuel bottles are slippery at extreme cold temperatures, these make them easy to hold on to, or sleep with in frigid temps to help keep fuel from gelling.  Adds stability when using stoves with separate fuel tanks, as it helps keep the bottle from moving around on the snow or stove platform.  Covers the sides and bottom of the liquid fuel style bottles.

Fit also on many sizes of sport bottles, 750 ml. wine bottles, and some slender vacuum bottles.

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Forty Below® Fuel Bottle Boot™ 1 Liter size

Material:  1/8″ (3mm) thick stretchy neoprene closed cell foam, nylon covered.  Will not absorb liquids.

SIZE: 1 Liter size fits most liter/quart sizes, including the MSR 30 oz. (will stretch to fit many size variations)

Dimensions:    8 ¾ inches tall x 3.5″ diameter wide.

Weight: 2 ounces (56g)

Color: Red, Black, Yellow, Royal Blue.

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