The Forty Below® Keg Parka 5 Gallon helps insulate kegs.

Please see below for additional information and specifications.

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The Forty Below® Keg Parka™ is a unique neoprene foam insulated cover for your beer keg!  Simple, open ended tube design makes this a great choice to help keep your brew cool for all of your festive occasions.

The stretchy nature of the insulating material enables one size to fit both slender and wide soda style kegs.

Made of a stretchy, nylon covered, ¼ inch (6.5mm) thick closed cell foam wetsuit type insulation.  This helps keep a keg cool for several hours, and because it fits snug to the sides, it practically eliminates condensation build-up too!  Extend the cooling by adding ice packs from the freezer in between the keg and the stretchy Forty Below® Keg Parka™!

Several colors available to help tell different beer types at a party or tasting.

Easy to care for, hand or machine wash.

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Forty Below Keg Parka in use:

Forty Below® Keg Parka™ 5 gallon size specifications:

Insulation:  Nylon covered stretchy neoprene closed cell foam.  (like wet-suit material) Does not absorb liquids.

Thickness: 1/4″ (6.5mm)

Size: 5 gallon.

Colors: Royal Blue, Black, Yellow

Weight: 1 lb 2oz.  (504g)

Easy to care for, hand wash with dish soap and a soft brush, then drip dry.

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