The Forty Below® Light Energy Shorty model overboot


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Forty Below® Light Energy™  TR SHORTY Overboots are a shorty style insulating boot cover for trail running shoes and lightweight hiking boots.  Please see below for more product details.

To Order: Please provide details about your boots and crampons in the boxes below. We will select the proper size of overboot for you based on your boot information.

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Forty Below® Light Energy™ SHORTY model overboots

UPDATE 12-10-2020: SOLD OUT Sorry!!
UPDATE 2-18-21  Looking like it will now be late March before back in stock.

If you would like to be notified when they are back in stock, please email us via the Contact Page, and include your boot/shoe details (brand, model, size, and sole length measurement) and I will get you on the list for immediate notification!   We are so sorry for the delay!!

Key Features:
Designed to help insulate trail running shoes and light hiking boots for a variety of applications.
Superlight and Super compact!
Low profile, and dynamic fit design.
Stretchy nylon covered neoprene foam insulation on sides of foot.
Knit cuff ankle height, can be used with your gaiters in deep snow.
Removable closed cell foam bottom insert to help reduce conductive heat loss.
Light and flexible Rubber Diamond patterned sole fabric.
Easy to put on in the cold.

This is the same model and features as the TR in a “Shorty” ankle height format.  It has a knit cuff around the ankle instead of the gaiter.  This enables you to use them as a short overboot for comfort, and also to put your gaiter over the top of them when needed.  You can also put them on over the top of a gaiter when needed, perfect for on and off snow trails.

Saves weight and bulk!  The Forty Below® Light Energy TR SHORTY model™ is insulated with a stretchy nylon covered closed-cell neoprene foam that is 3mm thick.  This provides insulation that doesn’t absorb moisture and is stretchy to allow for a range of different shoe shapes and clothing.  The sole uses a thin rubber coated cordura diamond pattern fabric that remains flexibility in the extreme cold, such as 40 below temperatures, and provides a small amount of traction.

The heavy duty YKK brand zipper goes all the way to the toes for easy of putting on and adjusting shoe laces.  Two different thickness of closed cell foam pads 3mm and 7mm,  for the inside bottom are included and are removable.  This ability to remove and vary the sole insulation gives a wide range of different fits with different footwear, the ability to add or subtract the insulation to vary it according to your needs.

DO NOT USE “CHAIN” STYLE TRACTION AIDS WITH THESE OVERBOOTS, IT WILL DAMAGE AND CUT THROUGH THE FABRIC OF THE SOLE AND UPPER QUICKLY AND IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. For example, traction aid products such as Kahtoola Microspikes have a “chain style” traction design, and will cut through the fabric quickly and damage the overboots. This is difficult to repair. We suggest other styles of traction aid products that have rubber bottoms with cleats such as those from StabilGear, and the Hillsound Flexstep model. These overboots can be used with strap-on style crampons, and snowshoes. Be advised that some snowshoe bindings have sharp spikes that point up to grip the sole of the shoe, and these will also rip into the sole fabric of the overboots and is not covered by warranty, and we suggest that these spikes be removed if using the overboots. Please contact us for more information about this or any other use tips! Happy Trails!

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Forty Below Light Energy Shorty overboot in use:

Forty Below® Light Energy™ SHORTY Overboots

Built in the USA!  Handcrafted in the USA. We use materials from the USA and our friends from other Countries around the world.

ORDERING: We will select the proper size for your boots from the information you provide us in the ordering fill-in boxes above. 

MEASURE YOUR SOLE LENGTH:  To measure your sole length of your shoe, please put a tape measure and follow the curvature of the shoe from the edge of the heel to the end of the toe, following the rubber sole.

SIZING: XS-XXL To fit from ladies 4 to men’s 16.

OVERBOOT SIZING: Forty Below® Overboots are made with stretchy insulation materials, and have a wide range of different sizes and shapes of shoes/ boots that a particular overboot model/size can fit.  Because of this wide range, we ask that you provide some basic information about your shoe/boot and crampon/snowshoe, and then we will select the proper size with that information for you.

COLOR:  Black

WEIGHT:  12 oz. (336g) per pair size Large

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