The Forty Below® Mini Keg Parka™ 5 Liter helps insulate kegs.

Please see below for additional information and specifications.


The Forty Below® Mini-Keg Parka™ is a unique neoprene foam insulated cover for your 5 liter Mini-Keg!  Simple, open ended tube design makes this a great choice to help keep your brew cool for all of your festive occasions.

Made of a stretchy, nylon covered, ¼ inch (6.5mm) closed cell foam wetsuit type material insulation.  Helps keep a Mini-keg cool for several hours.

Extend the cooling by adding ice packs from the freezer in between the keg and the stretchy Forty Below® Mini Keg Parka™!

Easy to care for, hand or machine wash.

Size: 5 liter.

Weight: 6 oz.

Color: Blue.

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Forty Below Keg Parka in use:

Forty Below® Mini Keg Parka™ 5 liter  specifications:

SIZE:  5 Liter

FITS: most beer and soda 5 Liter cans.

INSULATION: 1/4″ (6.5mm) thick Stretchy closed cell foam, nylon covered. (wetsuit type material)  Will not absorb water.

WEIGHT: 6oz.

COLOR: Royal Blue

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