Forty Below Bottle and Can Boot
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The Forty Below® Bottle and Can Boot™ 32 ounce size fits both beverage cans and water bottles.

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The Forty Below® Bottle and Can Boot™ fits both 32 ounce beer cans and 32 ounce/1 liter water bottles such as the Cold Weather Water Bottle and Nalgene 32 oz. bottles.

Made of thick neoprene wetsuit material it helps keep beverages cool and warm depending on the time of year!

It fits a wide range of quart and Liter size bottles, and perfectly fits the Nalgene 1 quart bottle and the German made cold weather bottles.

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The Forty Below Bottle and Can Boot 

Fits 32 oz. Beer cans and 32oz. water bottles

Insulation: made of 1/4 inch thick neoprene closed cell foam, nylon fabric on sides, rubberized bottom.

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