An X-Large sized insulated and cushioned bag with a multitude of uses!  Designed to hold and insulate 2 Two-Quart size Vacuum bottles.

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The Forty Below® Insulated Bag™ size X-Large is a unique insulated and cushioned bag with a multitude of uses!  Designed primarily to hold 2 two quart vacuum size bottles to help add additional insulation.

Because the bag is stretchy, it can also fit a wide range of items inside, including warm cooking pans (not “hot” just off the stove), and also multiple packages of both 2 and 4 person freeze dried food meal pouches that are rehydrating will fit inside.  The cushioning insulation and stretchy design is great for storing GPS, phones, fragile items, etc while in your pack.  This size can also fit many laptop and notebook computers. Can be used as a sit pad and pillow too!  We also use it to help keep items cool in the summer.  So many uses!!
Made of 2 mm thick nylon covered neoprene foam insulation, it is stretchy, and has a velcro closure across the top with 2 small webbing loop handles. An additional at home application is to use the Forty Below® Food Bag™ to put ice cream and other cold/frozen items in to help keep cold from the grocery store!
Size:  X-Large
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Forty Below Insulated Gear Bag  size X-Large

Holds 2 Two Quart Vacuum Bottles with Forty Below Bottle Boots on them.

18.5 inches tall x 14.75″inches wide (inside dimensions), plus it is stretchy.

Insulation: 2mm thick stretchy closed cell neoprene foam, nylon covered.

Weight:  8.6 oz. (241g)

Colors: Black, Blue 

Made in Canada


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