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A unique overboot that helps extend the range of trail running and light hiking boots in a variety of cold weather wilderness conditions.  Please see below for more product details. 

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Forty Below® Light Energy™  TR  model Overboots

UPDATE 9-13-2020:

LIMITED SIZES AVAILABLE:  We currently have limited sizes in stock:  X-SMALL (fits up to 10 ¾” sole length), X-LARGE (fits from 13”-14” sole length) , and XX-LARGE (fits from 14” TO 15” sole length)

If you would like to be notified in November when Small, Medium , or Large are  back in stock please email us via the Contact Page, and include your boot/shoe details (brand, model, size, and sole length measurement) and we will get you on the list for immediate notification!  SMALL (fits from 10 ¾” to 11 ½” sole length), Medium (fits from 11.5” to 12” sole length) and Large (fits from 12” to 13” sole length)  Sorry for the delay!!

Key Features:
Designed to help insulate and keep snow out of trail running shoes and light hiking boots for lightweight snowshoeing.

Great to go over camp booties too!
Can also be used over bike shoes and cross country ski boots (with modifications).
Superlight and Supercompact!
Low profile, and dynamic fit design.
Stretchy nylon covered neoprene foam insulation on sides of foot.
Upper gaiter has stretchy side panels to allow for wide range of clothing and temperature range.
Coated rear calf area to reduce snow buildup and melt through.
Removable closed cell foam bottom inserts to help reduce conductive heat loss and fine tune fit with different footwear.
Light and flexible Rubber Diamond patterned sole fabric.
Easy to put on in the cold.

The Forty Below® Light Energy™ TR model is a unique overboot that helps extend the range of trail running and light hiking boots in a variety of cold weather wilderness conditions. 

With the addition of this dynamic featured insulated boot cover, you can have a pair of lightweight base footwear be layered on top of, similar to the classic layering system of clothing, now for your feet! The Forty Below® Light Energy™ overboots are designed to be a very lightweight and compact approach to a boot cover.  They are slender fitting- so they are not bulky or cumbersome, stretchy and easy to put on in the cold, and also easy to repair. There are a wide range of uses, including keeping snow out of your boots, adding insulation around the foot, enabling a set of hiking boots or trail running shoes to be used for lightweight snowshoeing, putting them on as a cover for camp booties while winter snow camping.  Additionally, they have been used to help extend the range of  bike shoes using clips and cross country ski boots with NNNBC and SNSBC bindings.  (modification by cutting a hole in the sole for access to the bindings is required to be done by the user).

We have had several very unique trips that have used the Forty Below Light Energy overboots.  A very unique trip by Andrew Skurka used two different test pairs on his remarkable 7,775 mile Sea-to-Sea walk (C2C) in 2004-05, used on over 1,000 miles with his light weight trail shoes in the Midwest States during the winter months with snowshoes. Check out his very informative website at for more information. 

The Light Energy overboot is also featured in the National Geographic published book by Andrew Skura titled: The Ultimate Hikers Guide 2nd Edition, here is the link to it at the National Geographic Store:

The Wilderness Classroom students and teachers used test pairs on a several hundred mile dogsled/snowshoe/ cross country ski trip in Canada.  Here is a link to the Wilderness Classroom website Several bikers have used them on their bike shoes with pedal clips for cold temperature use in the arctic fat tire bike/ultra races in Minnesota, Alaska, and beyond. The Cascades Mountain Range, and especially Mt. Rainier which we are located next to, has been our “local use zone”.  We have a very long snow season, and have had numerous trips over the past several years with various versions, in a wide range of snow types, and conditions.  They have really helped footwear to be used in a much wider environment than without them.

The Forty Below® Light Energy TR model™ are insulated with a stretchy nylon covered closed-cell neoprene foam that is 3mm thick.  This provides insulation that doesn’t absorb moisture and is stretchy to allow for a range of different shoe shapes and clothing.  The sole uses a thin rubber dot fabric that remains flexibility in the extreme cold, such as -40 below temperatures, and provides a small amount of traction.  The upper gaiter has stretchy side panels that accommodate a range of different clothing combinations and is breathable to allow perspiration moisture to escape.  The rear calf area of the gaiter is made with a coated nylon fabric, specifically to help reduce the melting of snow seeping through from the snow buildup from snowshoes that gets kicked up.  The front closure goes all the way to the toe area, and is 1.5 inch wide hook and loop.  Elastic and cord lock top closure with a snap and grab tab.  Two different thickness of closed cell foam pads 3mm and 7mm,  for the inside bottom are included and are removable.  This ability to remove and vary the sole insulation gives a wide range of different fits with different footwear, the abi

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Forty Below Light Energy TR in use:

Forty Below Light Energy TR with bike boots in use:

Forty Below® Light Energy™  TR Overboots model overboot:

Built in the USA!  Handcrafted in the USA. We use materials from the USA and our friends from other Countries around the world.

ORDERING: We will select the proper size for your boots from the information you provide us in the ordering fill-in boxes above.

SIZING: XS-XXL To fit from ladies 4 to mens 16, plus custom sizes available on request.

OVERBOOT SIZING: Forty Below® Overboots are made with stretchy insulation materials, and have a wide range of different sizes and shapes of shoes/ boots that a particular overboot model/size can fit.  Because of this wide range, we ask that you provide some basic information about your shoe/boot in the above fill-in boxes, and then we will select the proper size with that information for you.  The “shoe length” we ask for is a measurement of the overall shoe length measured on the bottom of the shoe in either inches of cm from heel to toe.  (This helps us make sure your shoe/boot will fit inside the overboot properly, as just providing the “shoe size” varies too widely in measurement to be used functionally.)

COLOR:  Black

WEIGHT:  16 oz. (448g) per pair size Large

DO NOT USE “CHAIN” STYLE TRACTION AIDS WITH THESE OVERBOOTS, IT WILL DAMAGE AND CUT THROUGH THE FABRIC OF THE SOLE AND UPPER QUICKLY AND IS NOT COVERED UNDER WARRANTY.  For example, traction aid products such as Kahtoola Microspikes have a “chain style” traction design, and will cut through the fabric quickly and damage the overboots. We suggest other products that have rubber bottoms with cleats such as the Stabil Products/Stabilicer from 32North.

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