The Forty Below® Stretchy Repair Patch helps repair overboots and other fabric outdoor gear. Sticks to the neoprene insulation of the overboots, and a wide range of fabrics.

Please see below for additional information and specification. 


The Forty Below® Repair Patch does a great job of sticking to neoprene, nylon, and other smooth fabrics, and is helpful for in the field and post trip repair of overboots and your other outdoor equipment.

We have applied it to numerous materials, including the the neoprene and nylon gaiter of the overboots, and also other nylons/fabrics such as tent fabric, jackets, pants, etc.

Forty Below stretchy repair patch

Peel and stick, stretchy plastic material.

3 inch x 5 inch,  cut to fit

Transparent, almost invisible when on item.


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