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Used for a wide range of mountain activities from high altitude and extreme cold mountaineering, winter camping and snowshoeing.  Please see below for additional product details.

To Order: Please provide details about your boots and crampons in the boxes below. For this model only, we will “custom make” the proper size of overboot for you based on your boot information. 

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Forty Below® MT. Everest™ overboot   


Key Features:
Fits only over double shelled mountaineering boots.
Thin rubber sole in addition to insulation adds durability in sole area.
For mountaineering, snowshoeing, winter camping.
Stretchy and easy to put on in the cold.
Easy to repair.
Custom made, allow 8-12 weeks lead time for them to be made.

The Forty Below® Mt. Everest™ overboot is our original overboot model!  Used for a wide range of mountain activities from high altitude and extreme cold mountaineering, winter camping and snowshoeing.  A thin rubber sole has been added in addition to the insulation for enhanced durability in the sole area.  This model of overboot works great for use as an insulated boot cover for mountaineering, plus activities such as snowshoeing, boot cover for camp booties, etc.  Please note: This model only works with “strap-on” style crampon bindings, and strap style snowshoe bindings.

The insulation goes from about the top of your boot completely around and under your boot, and is made of a 4.7mm stretchy closed cell nylon covered neoprene wetsuit type material, with 2 layers of heat reflecting Titanium.  The insulation panels are glued together, and stitched on the inside and outside surface, with no sewn through seams.  They fit trim to the boot, and are not bulky.  This special insulation is flexible, for a great fit on your boot and easy on and off.  The upper part is made of non-coated Cordura nylon to help minimize frost build up.  The front closure is 2 inch wide heavy duty Velcro, and there is an elastic drawstring closure around the top.  The toes, heel and lower side area have a painted on rubber material for enhanced abrasion resistance.  A nylon crampon patch is glued and stitched on the instep side of the neoprene for added resistance to crampon pokes, etc.

One of the great features of Forty Below® overboots is that they are easy to repair! The neoprene insulation is also easy to repair, especially as crampons and rugged terrain are so hard on everything they come in contact with. Repairing is easily done by simply gluing the poke holes together, using glue for repairing neoprene fishing waders, wetsuits, AquaSeal glue from McNett, etc.  For fabric repairs the iron-on fabric patches work well and are really easy to put on, and can in many cases eliminate sewing.  For repairs on the mountain, use the Forty Below® Repair Patches which are a special sticky and stretchy tape that works great for repairs during a trip (one is included with the overboot).

PLEASE NOTE:  THIS IS A CUSTOM MADE OVERBOOT AND LEAD TIME IS 8-12 WEEKS, please contact us for details to order.

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Forty Below Mt. Everest overboot in use:

Forty Below® MT. Everest*overboot:

Built in the USA!  Handcrafted in the USA. We use materials from the USA and our friends from other Countries around the world.


ORDERING: We will custom make the proper size for your boots from the information you provide us in the ordering fill-in boxes above.

SIZING: Custom Made to fit any size of double shelled mountaineering boot.

OVERBOOT SIZING: Forty Below® Overboots are made with stretchy insulation materials, and have a wide range of different sizes and shapes of boots that a particular overboot model/size can fit.  Because of this wide range, we ask that you provide some basic information about your boot and crampon.

COLORS:  Black, Purple, Red.

WEIGHT:  1lb 10oz. ( 784g) per pair size Large

Crampons:  PLEASE NOTE This model will only fit with “strap-on” style crampon bindings because of the rubber sole.

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