Tent Floor Foam is a thin, strong, and lightweight foam pad to put inside a tent for added insulation, and protection for the floor fabric.

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Tent Floor Foam is a thin, strong, lightweight closed cell EVA (firm density) foam pad that makes a nice insulated floor base inside tents to add both extra insulation and protection of the tent floor fabric.

Measures: 1/8” x 40” x 80” (This is as large of length and width that this foam is made.)  Used to line the inside floor of tent, especially for long cold weather trips.  Provides a cushion and a base insulation inside the tent. 

Cut to fit the shape of the inside of your tent, or use two if you have a larger tent and either let them sit next to each other, or duct tape together.  The white color of the foam brightens up the inside of the tent.  Also used for insulating panels of hammocks for cold weather use, and Do It Yourself projects for adding thin cushioning or insulation.

Note: there are usually one, or sometimes two, very small holes (about 1/8-1/4″ wide) in them, (not always though), these are caused by small bubbles when the foam is made.

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SIZE:  Measures: 1/8” x 40” x 80”.  ( 3 mm x 101 cm x 203 cm )  Approximate cut size, may vary by +/- .5 inch or so.

PACK SIZE: Rolled dimensions are 4.5” x 40”.   It can be folded, approximately 14” x 14” x 4”.   It also folds in the 40″ length to fit into the bottom of a sled.

Note on sizing:  This is the largest the sheets can come in.  If you have a larger tent,  use more than one sheet, and then trim to fit,and use duct tape to put them together, or just let them lay independent in the tent under your sleeping pads, etc.

WEIGHT: Weight:  18-20 ounces per sheet (652g) (due to manufacturing variation).

COLOR: White. (this helps brighten up the inside of the tent)

MATERIAL:  Evazote foam  “firm density” closed cell foam.  We prefer this stiffer/ more dense version of this material for the added durability over softer versions.

NOTE: This foam may have a few small holes in it approximately 1/8″-1/4″ in diameter, due to small air bubbles formed when made.

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