The insulated mug cover that fits the GSI Brand Fair-share Mug!  It helps keep your drinks and meals hot longer! Update 7-12-21 temporarily out of stock until  September 2021. Sorry for the delay!

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The Forty Below® Mug Boot™ A handy insulated cover that fits the GSI Brand Fairshare Mug! (GSI mug not included)  Helps keep your drinks and meals warmer longer!

A 1/8” (3mm) thick neoprene closed cell foam insulated wrap goes completely around and under the Mug.  The bottom is a rubber coated on the outside to reduce slipping on surfaces. The shape of the Mug Boot fits neat and trim to the Fairshare mug, and a small cut on the top rim allows for the material to insert into the handle shape to help hold in place.  Additionally, you can add a small amount of double sticky backed tape to the rim to help hold in place if desired.

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Forty Below Mug Boot in use:

Forty Below Mug Boot

Fits the GSI Brand Fairshare mug. (mug not included)

Insulation: Neoprene closed cell foam 3mm thick, fits trim to the sides of the mug.

Rubber surfaced bottom for grip on surfaces.

Weight only 1.5 ounces! (42g)

Colors: Royal Blue, Black, Red, Yellow.

Additional information
Weight .25 lbs

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