Designed specifically as an insulated boot cover for Alpine Touring ski boots and snowboard boots!

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Forty Below® Fresh Tracks™ overboots are designed specifically for use to add insulation to Alpine Touring ski boots, Snowboard boots, Telemark boots, and double shelled mountaineering boots.

Key Features:
Complete insulation around and under the boot.
Lightweight and easy to put on in the cold.
For use over Alpine Touring ski boots, Snowboard boots, and Double Shell Mountain boots.
Fits with most Alpine touring ski bindings.
Can be easily modified to fit with the Dynafit/Tech style AT ski bindings.
Easy to repair!

Built to be easy to put on, open and close, the Fresh Tracks™ insulated overboots are for use over the top of the larger shape, cuffs, and buckles of AT Ski and Snowboard boots.  The sole, toe, and heel design enable these to be used in a wide range of Alpine Touring ski bindings, crampons, and snowboard bindings.  If you are using  Dynafit/Tech style AT bindings, you can easily modify them, see the video and links below.  One of the other great features of Forty Below® overboots is that they are also easy to repair from the common crampon poke holes and ski  edge cuts!

The body of the Fresh Tracks™ overboots fit trim to your boot and are not bulky.  The insulation is a special stretchy nylon covered, 4.7 mm thick neoprene closed cell foam insulation, which goes completely around and under the boot, with no gaps in the insulation.  The sole area is the same insulation material type, but in a 2.5mm thickness, which enables a better fit in bindings, and allows for better toe rotation in Tech bindings.  The insulation panels are all glued together, and stitched on both the inside and outside surface, with no sewn through seams. The closure is in the front using a special large size YKK® HEAVY DUTY zipper, with a thin insulated flap underneath to help keep snow out.

The instep area has a crampon and edge patch made of Cordura® nylon for added durability in this key impact area. A thin and stretchy rubber paint is applied to the toe, heel, and lower side areas for added abrasion resistance, and to help protect the stitching.

Included with them is a pair of 3mm thick closed cell foam inserts, so you have the option to add some insulation between your boot sole and the overboots when using crampons, and one of our “peel and stick” stretchy Repair Patches for use when on a trip.  Optional repair glue and additional repair patches are available for sale on our website.

Crampon Compatibility Chart
The pictures below show examples of the types of crampon bindings that can be used when put over various boot types.
This chart shows when used over Alpine Touring Ski Boots: 

Image of forty below fresh tracks wire toe fip lever heel
Wire toe/flip lever heel.

Image of forty below fresh tracks with grivel race ski rapid crampon
Grivel Race Ski Rapid Crampon

Image of forty below fresh tracks strap toe flip lever heel
Strap toe/flip lever heel.

Image of forty below fresh tracks strap on
Strap on.

This chart shows when used over snowboard and double shelled mountaineering boots:

Image of fresh tracks strap toe flip lever heel double boot
Strap toe/flip lever heel.

Image of forty below fresh tracks strap on double boot
Strap on.

The charts above show that the Forty Below® Fresh Tracks™ overboots can fit with a wide range of crampon binding styles such as “step-in”, “new-matic”, and  “strap-on” crampon bindings, as well as wire toe style ski mountaineering bindings depending on the boot they are being put over. The toe and heel area of the overboot have small triangular shape panels made of a slightly thinner neoprene insulation that allows for many bails and flip lever heels to simply compress the insulation and rest on the toe and heel groove/platform of the boot. 

For Modification of the overboots for use with Dynafit/Tech style AT ski bindings:
Watch this video we produced that shows how to make access holes for this type of binding.  We also invite you to contact us by phone or email if you would like more details specific for your application.

Additional information is also available at Lou Dawson’s WildSnow website, with a product review and modification details for Dynafit/Tech style bindings at this link:  http://www.wildsnow.com/3743/ski-boot-overboots/   Lou and his team are based in Colorado, USA and WildSnow is one of the most respected ski information sites in the world, the “go to” resource for comprehensive information and reviews of backcountry skiing related topics.

For more information about all of our different models of insulated boot covers, please go to the All About Overboots Section


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Product Photo Gallery:

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Here below is a slide show from  Dr. Lorenz Breitfeld, MD of Austria, who leads expeditions to Svalbard, and uses our Forty Below Fresh Tracks overboots.

“A short report from our trips to Svalbard!  All went well – Forty Below boots fitted excellent.  We had a great time and all went well.  In case you plan to go to Svalbar one day, tell me! I can give you some advice.  Svalbard is probably easier for you to reach, than the most Northern Part of North America! There are (daily) scheduled flights (at low costs, even a low-cost-airline serves the interntl. Airport Longyearbyen) Keep in mind, Svalbard is located between 76 and 80° North!  Enclosed also some summer pictures from last years holidays together with my  2 sons. By the way, it is the same cabin / hut and area of Svalbard as I have sent you the winter / March pictures.”  Best Regards, Lorenz  2013

Please see his company website, which provides expedition doctor support services:  www.all-terrain-docs.com   From his website:  ” All-terrain-docs.com enables people, who want to explore the great outdoors, access to immediate medical support.  You think of hiking, climbing, any other sportive activity or individual tourist-activity? Yet you doubt putting it into reality due to your physical condition?  I can help you in realisation of your individual project  I will try to find for (almost) every medical problem someone trying to solve it. I will connect you with a medical doctor who can handle your personal needs. I will organize most flexible medical support – anywhere, anytime!”

Dr. Lorenz Breitfeld Svalbard skiing

 Forty Below Fresh Tracks in use on the Skitour Magazine of Germany showcasing their Muztagh Ata Ski Expedition in 2011 Special Edition magazine.  Please visit their website to see the complete magazine, and their other magazine issues:  http://www.skitour-magazin.de/alle-ausgaben/special-muztagh-ata/

Skitour Magazine Fresh Tracks

Forty Below® Fresh Tracks™ overboots 

Built in Canada!  We use materials from the USA, Canada, and our friends from other Countries around the world.

ORDERING: We will select the proper size for your boots from the information you provide us in the ordering fill-in boxes above.

SIZING: XS-XL To fit from Mondo 22-32 (ladies 4 to mens 16 AT ski boots, snowboard  boots,  and double shelled mountaineering boots)

OVERBOOT SIZING: Forty Below® Overboots are made with stretchy insulation materials, and have a wide range of different sizes and shapes of boots that a particular overboot model/size can fit.  Because of this wide range, we ask that you provide some basic information about your boot and crampon, and then we will select the proper size with that information for you.

COLORS:  Black, Red, Royal Blue.

WEIGHT:  1lb 8 oz. (672g) per pair size Medium.

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